Who says you need an oven at Christmastime?

Who says you need an oven at Christmastime? Not me. Well, not anymore. I used to think an oven and Christmas went hand in hand. But recently I’ve come to see silly I was. As I’ve mentioned previously, our oven is out of commission. And it looks like it won’t be fixed until mid-January, if not later. So changes have had to be made to my day to day kitchen routine, as well as my Christmas routine. I know that I’m super blessed with plenty of food and modern conveniences so this girl ain’t complaining. Not one bit. Just having fun getting out of my comfort zone.

Saturday was a non-stop kitchen work day. First, I whipped up a Peppermint Trifle for our Sunday potluck lunch at church. It was a labor intensive project, for sure, but totally worth the time, and huge pile of dirty dishes, it took to complete. It was yummy pepperminty goodness. I took an empty bowl home.

Next, I cooked up a batch of Honey Butter Ambrosia. I pinned this recipe months ago knowing that I would be giving it to the neighbors and holiday party hosts at Christmas. So far 2 jars have found happy homes. And oh yes, this is quite the treat too. Luke and I taste tested a scoop by spreading it out on warm bread. Luke said, “Num num!”


Next up was the creation of 2 mason jars of Mint Brownie Mix. The original recipe called for regular and mini chocolate chips but I subbed in a seasonal minty chip mix. These will be nice to have on hand as hostess gifts for any last minute party invites.

Last, but not least, I mixed up a batch of dough for Jason’s Favorite Cookies. I scooped it all out into dough balls, stacked them in a storage container between layers of wax paper, and popped them in the fridge. Yesterday evening I baked them in my sister-in-law’s oven. Ok, so technically I did need an oven this Christmas.

I hope all of you are enjoying your very own Christmas prep, whatever that may entail. Merry Christmas to you (in case I don’t post again until after the holiday).

~ Sara

PS ~ Be sure and check out the links if you’re interested in any of the recipes I mentioned above. Thank you fellow bloggers for posting so many fun recipes to try!



2 Responses to Who says you need an oven at Christmastime?

  1. Oh Yummy Sara!! All these desserts are so wonderful to serve for Christmas dinner or even for New Years party. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment! Its so nice to meet you too!

  2. Thank you Anna & Liz! So glad I found your blog. Merry Christmas!

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